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Autumn Frost – Sweet and earthy specialty butternut squash, excellent for roasting and pies and baked goods. Typical weights = Large 5lbs, medium 3-4lbs, and small ~2lbs.

Butternut – Sweet, sometimes nutty flesh with less seed cavity than other varieties. Typical weights = Large 4-5lbs, medium 3lbs, and small 2lbs.

Black Futsu – Japanese heirloom with sweet thin flesh that is sweet and fruity. Can be enjoyed raw or roasted. Typical weights = Large 3lbs, small 1.5-2lbs

Sunshine (orange) Kabocha – stringless sweet flesh excellent for mashing, roasting, and baking. Small size only and limited quantity roughly 1.5 lbs.

Winter Sweet (silver) Kabocha – very sweet flesh similar to that of the sunshine. Again, small size only and limited quantity roughly 1.5 lbs.

Pie Pumpkin – Large 6-7 lbs, medium 4-5lbs, small 2-3lbs.

Gallery photos are in order of this list (main product photo = autumn frost).

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Autumn Frost, Black Futsu, Butternut, Green Kabocha, Orange Kabocha, Silver Kabocha, Pie Pumpkin